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Election campaign

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EMBARGO; Not for release before 3 p.m., Monday 9th November 1970

"The present election campaign_provided a strong argument

for taking pensions out of politics'*. Senator Gair said this in

Goondiwindi today at the commencement of an 800 mile tour of the

south-west area of Queensland. On Tuesday, he will explain the

D.L.P's rural policy to a meeting of farmers and graziers in

Sto George.

"The politicalisation of pensions benefits no—one, least

of all the pensioners.

"Mr. Whitlara and the Prime Minister are kicking the pension

football around and pensioners will again be the losers.

"The auction room of politics is no place for the. determin­

ation of just and adequate rates for pensions.

"Pension rates should be taken out of the political arena

and determined by an independent tribunal of experts. Pensioners

have not, and will not, receive justice under the existing system

where.pensions are used as electoral bait.

"The D.L.P’s proposed independent tribunal would make

regular reviews of all criteria influencing the cost of living,

e.g., wage increases, price increases, etc.

"A pensioner representative would sit on the tribunal.

"Wage rates are determined by an independent body, the

Arbitration Commission. The D.L.P. believes that pension rates

should also be determined by an independent body.



Senator The Hon. V. C. GAIR

Leader Democratic Labor Party P h o n e s : C a n b e r r a , 7 0 5 .E x t. 5 2 3

B ris b a n e , 3 1 0 1 0 1 E x t. 4 3 6


2 -

"The major parties, however, wish to keep pensions as a

political football, ¥hen the D.L.P. moved in the Senate recently

for an independent tribunal, both the A.L.P. and the Government

opposed the move«

"If pensioners really want justice they should ask

all parties to move or support moves for the establishment of

an independent tribunal of experts to make a regular review of

all pension rates, not just age pensions, but widows and invalid

rates as well", Senator Gair said.


9th November, 1 970.