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Australia to attend ICAO Hi-Jack Conference

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Statement by the Minister for Civil Aviation

Senator Robert Cotton

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The Director-General of Civil Aviation, Sir Donald Anderson,

will lead a strong Australian aviation delegation to a special assembly

of the International Civil Aviation Organisation called to discuss

aircraft hi-jacking.

The conference will begin in Montreal, Canada, on June 16.

This was announced today by the Minister of Civil Aviation,

• Senator Robert Cotton.

He said that the delegation would comprise operational, technical

and legal officers of the Department of Civil Aviation.

It would also include as advisers the Federal President of the

Australian Federation of Air Pilots, Captain A. Smithwell, and operational

and security representatives of Qantas.

Senator Cotton added that the Commonwealth Government was vitally

concerned about the safety of aircraft arid took a most serious view of

the recent wave of overseas hi-jacking and incidents affecting aircraft


He was confident that the special ICAO assembly would yield

positive results.

CANBERRA, Friday, June 12, 1970.