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Aviation Year Celebrations

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Statement by the Minister for Civil Aviation,

Senator Robert Cotton

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Celebrations marking 50 years of progress and achievement in

Australian aviation will be held throughout Australia in 1970»

Plans for the celebrations;, to be known as Aviat 70» vzerc

announced today by the Minister for Civil Aviation, Senator Robert Cotton

Senator Cotton said Aviat J O would comprise a series of civil

aviation days at capital cities and country centres,, These would be open

to the public9 he saidD .

. Events of aviation interest during 1920 included : ,

o Registration of Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial

Services Pty» Ltd„ ( iantas) with headquarters at V/inton9

Queensland» .

o Royal assent to the Air Navigation Act«

, Ross and Keith Smith followed up their London-Australia

flight by making the first flight from. Sydney to Melbourne»

o The first 'fare paying passenger carried from Sydney to


o Second England-Australia flight by Parer and Macintosh»

Senator Cotton said it was gratifying to see that several of

these pioneers including Sir Hudson Fysh, Sir Richard Milllams and

Mr. II.C« Miller had been able to witness the development of aviation

from the wire and fabric days to the jumbo jet, .

He said the year’s activities would highlight the manner in

which aviation served, the nation, emphasise its potential and encourage

a greater understanding and use of civil aviation,

It would demonstrate the availability of a wide range of

professional and technical careers while emphasising the growing

importance of the aeroplane in everyday life0

Aircraft both large and small played a vital role in the

development o f .Australia - a country in which vast distances showed the

true value of all aspects of aviation»

He said it was hoped that Aviat J O would show the great

potential of the aircraft for both business and pleasure flying.

The celebrations would include both air and static displays

and would be organised by representatives of the aviation industry*

The .move had joined great support from all sections of the industrys

and a steering committee had been formed to co-ordinate the celebrations,,

The committee comprising representatives of airlines, general aviation

industry and DC A 9 is under the chairmanship of Jtr, John Ulm of Santas0

Representatives would be selected at each of the main centres

to co-ordinate local efforts» Senator Cotton said this move would ensure

the widest possible participation in this national venture»

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J A H P M T 11. 1970 CANBERRA