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Distinguished visiting lawyers to discuss international trade law

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A series of important lectures and seminars on

the legal aspects of international trade will begin in

Sydney next Tuesday.

The main speakers at the seminars will be the

Secretary-General of the United Nations Commission on

International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), Professor J.O. Honnold

and the Professor of Law at Kyoto University in Japan,

Professor S . Michida. .

The purpose of the seminars and lectures is to

inform Australian lawyers and businessmen of the latest

developments in international trade law and to seek advice

and opinions on current UNCITRAL discussions.

UNCITRAL was established by the General Assembly of

the United Nations in 1966 to simplify the legal complexities

associated with international trade law. Australia and 28

other nations, representing the main legal systems and

different geographical regions of the wo r l d , are UNCITRAL


Australia' has been represented at all five

sessional meetings of UNCITRAL. The former Solicitor-

General of the Commonwealth, now Mr Justice Mason of the

New South Wales Court of Appeal, attended the first two

meetings and the present Solicitor-General, Mr R.J. Ellicott,

Q.C. has represented Australia at the last three meetings.

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The topics that have been considered at UNCITRAL

meetings include international shipping legislation,

international sale of goods, international payments and

international commercial arbitration.

The UNCITRAL meetings have been concerned with

formulating a uniform law for the international sale of

goods and it is expected that when agreement has been

reached these laws will be embodied in a United Nations


Professor Honnold is a distinguished American

lawyer and author specialising in international trade law.

He is Chief of the International Trade Law Branch of the

United Nations. His visit to Australia is being sponsored

by the Commonwealth Government and the Law Council of

Australia. Professor Michida is the Japanese representative

on UNCITRAL and he is also the Director of the Japan Society

of Comparative Law. His visit to Australia is being

sponsored by a group of Australian companies.

The seminar in Sydney next Tuesday will be opened

by the Commonwealth Attorney-General, Senator Ivor J . Greenwood,

Q.C., and the members of the panel will include Mr Justice

Mason of the New South Wales Court of Appeal, Professor P.

Nygh, of the Sydney University Law School, Mr W.A. Harrison,

national counsellor of the Australian Metal Trades Export

Group and Mr J . Tuclcfield, secretary of the Colonial Sugar

Refining Company.

At the seminars, Professor Honnold will discuss the

present work being done by UNCITRAL. He will also give an

outline of the legal problems involved in international

transactions, such as shipment, delivery, acceptance and

payment, and provide some practical illustrations of legal

aspects of international business.

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Professor Michida will discuss legal problems of

trade between Australia and Japan and the way these problems

can be overcome.

The seminar in Sydney next Tuesday will be held at

the Law School Assembly Hall in Phillip Street at 1Θ a.m.

and the seminar in Melbourne will be held at the Palm Lake

Motor Inn at 1Θ a.m. on July 18. Both seminars are open to

the press.

Apart from the lectures and seminars in Sydney and

Melbourne, Professor Honnold will give lectures and attend

lunches in Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth. A copy

of the itinerary and biographical notes are attached.

Further details:

John Dickie,

Press Officer

Attorney-General1s Department.


July 5, 1972



Chief, International Trade Law Branch, United Nations, and Secretary, United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (since 1969).

Bachelor of A r t s , University of Illinois, 1936; Doctor of Laws (j.D.), Harvard, 1939· Practiced law in New York City with a Wall Street firm (1939-1941); Attorney for the United States Government in Washington;

(SEC and ΘΡΑ) (1941-1946).

Before coming to the United Nations:

Member of the law faculty at the University of Pennsylvania (1946-1969)·

Member of the Faculty (196Θ ) and Chairman of the Faculty (1963 and 1966) Salzburg Seminar in American Studies.

Fulbright Senior Research Scholar, University of Paris; Guggenheim Fellow for the study of comparative law in Europe.

Member of the United States Delegation to a Diplomatic Conference at The Hague (April, 1964) drafting a Uniform Law on the International Sale of Goods, and Member of Conference Drafting Committee.

Representative of United States to UNCITRAL. .

Board of Editors of the American Journal of Comparative Law.

United States Representative, International Commercial Practices Commission, International Chamber of Commerce (Paris).

AUTHOR: Cases and Materials on Constitutional Law (Foundation Press, 3d e d . 1968);

Sales and Sales Financing (Foundation Press, 3d ed. 1968);

Commercial Law (Foundation Press, 2d ed. 1968)(co-author);

The Life of the Law (Free Press, 1964).

Unification of the Law Governing International Sales of Goods (Dallez 1966).


Monday, July 10 Arrive Sydney.

Tuesday, July 11 Sydney Seminar. 10 a.m. to

4.30 p .m.

Wednesday, July 12 Lecture - University of Sydney.

1.00 p.m.

Thursday, July 13 morning Lecture - University of Queensland

. lunch Businessmen's/Legal Profession

Lunch 12.30 p.m.

Friday, July l4 Canberra A.N.U. Lecture - 12.30 p.m

Lecture A.N.U. 4. p.m.

Monday, July 17 Lecture - University of Melbourne

12. noon.

Tuesday, July 18 Melbourne Seminar 10 a.m. to

4.30 p.m.

Wednesday, July 19 morning Lecture - Adelaide University

10 a.m.

lunch Businessmen's/Legal Profession

Lunch 1 p.m.

Thursday, July 20 Seminar 2.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Friday, July 21 Lecture - University of Western

Australia. Afternoon.

N a m e : Shinichiro MICHIDA

Born: 7 August 1924

School: Graduate, Kyoto University Law School, 194-9

Status: Professor of Law, Faculty of Law, Kyoto University, Sakyoku, Kyoto,Japan. Doctor of Law. Representative of Japan to the United Nations

Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL). Director, the Japan Society of Comparative Law.

Research and Teaching Abroad:

1954-56 .... Harvard Law School and University of Michigan Law School. Under the American-Japanese Cooperative Program in Legal Studies. 1962 ....... Research Associate, University of

. Michigan Law School.

1966 ....... Visiting Professor,University of Michigan Law School (International Business Transactions). .

Academic Activities Abroad:

Advisor, the Volume on Contract in General, International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law.

Advisor, the Volume on State and Economy, International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law.

Editor, Journal of International Trade Law (published in United Kingdom).

Publications include:

MICHIDA, "The Legal Structure for Economic Enterprise: Some Aspects of the Japanese Commercial Law", Law in Japan (ed. by von Mebren) (Harvard University Press, 1963). .

MICHIDA, "Possible Avenues for Unification of Standard Contracts on Global Level", Unification of the Laws of International Sale of Goods (ed. by John Honnold) (Dalloz, Paris).