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Army band to visit Vietnam

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Directorate of Public Relations Army Headquarters CANBERRA ACT 2600

' . No. 6288


The Northern Command Army Band is to visit South Vietnam this

month for the presentation of the United States Meritorious Unit Commendation

for outstanding service to the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam.. .

Five members of the Southern Command Band w i l l lsupplement the

44 strong contingent from Queensland on the tour lasting^, frqm September

16 to October 1. f

. The Deputy-Director of Music at Army Headquarters, Captain

A. H. Henderson, and Major R. A. Warr, f^ojn Brisbane, are to accompany

the band - the first Australian Army band to tour Vietnam.

The presentation of the Meritorious.Unit Commendation in Saigon

on September 30 will be made by a senior American Army Officer on behalf

of the President of the United States.

Whilst in South Vietnam the band will give several concerts

at Australian service bases and will also play for Vietnamese civilians.

Places to be visited by the band include Saigon, Vung Tau,

Danang, Dalat and the 1st Australian Task Force Base at Nui D at.

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' Further information:

CANBERRA: Captain Derek Roylance (6 5 -4 0 5 9 ) (4 8 -8 6 9 4 )


Brief history of the Northern Command Band is attached. .

Brief History of the Northern Command Band

The Northern Command. Band...was formed in 1950» Initially a

brass band combination. with 14 musicans^ soon, developed, to full....brass.. (

band status with, 27 musicians^.. . .

The present., band-master, Warrant Officer First Class E. T. Selby,

was appointed to the.. positi.on. .in.. 1951 and. has. conducted, the. band., ever

since» '

Warrant Officer. Selby is. highly regarded in musical circles, as... .

an accomplished conductor and instrumentalist» He has been an Australian

champion 'trombone soloist and.. was....awarded the MBE for his., services to

Army music» . '

Under his leadership, Northern Command Band has. gained a Commonwealth

wide reputation for its high standards of musical and military efficiency.

In an area extending from Lismore, NSW, to Cairns, the band has

made periodic. visits to all., parts of Queenslaiid....presen.ting- varied recitals

of "music for the people".

The band has also, visited Southern capital cities for special

engagements. In late 1967 the number of musicans was increased to 45 with

the introduction of reed instruments to form a full band.

Besides the ceremonial pageantry associated with various military

vice-regal, parliamentary and. civic engagements, the band has figured

prominently on visits by members of the Royal Family and distinguished

overseas dignitaries.