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Vietnam casualties

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Directorate of Public Relations Army Headquarters


No . .6277


A soldier was killed and six wounded in three separate

incidents in Phuoc Tuy Province, South Vietnam, yesterday.

* The name of the dead soldier, a member of 7th Battalion,

The Royal Australian Regiment, is being withheld at the request ■ ■

of next of kin pending the notification of other close relatives.

Four other soldiers from 7 PAR were wounded in the same contact.

Army Headquarters has released the names of three of these -

soldiers. They are Private R'." A. Glad man, of Queenscliff, Vic, who

is seriously ill5 Private D. J. Gillies, of Cronulla, NSW, seriously

ill; and Private N. W. Nitschke, of Gawler, SA, satisfactory. The

name of the fourth soldier who is in a satisfactory condition is being

withheld until his next of kin in Ireland have been notified.

' Another soldier from 7PAR was wounded by enemy gunfire during

a contact earlier in the day. ·

He is Corporal S. N. Taylor, of Lane Cove, NSW, who is in

a satisfactory condition.

All the wounded were evacuated to the 1st Australian Field

Hospital, Vung Tau.

The third incident involved Corporal K. N. Johnston, of

Burrembeet, Vic, a member of 2nd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment,

He was accidentally wounded when an M79 grenade launcher exploded prematurely

causing a minor shrapnel wound during a contact with the enemy.

Corporal Johnston, who is in a satisfactory condition, remained

on duty. .

Next of Kin have been advised.

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Further informations

CANBERRA s Major E. Ross Smith (65-4059) (86-1158)


NOTE: Your attention is drawn to the paragraph marked * and

its format.

' The phrase "at the request of the next of kin" has been

specifically included to ensure that all close relatives anywhere in

Australia, who read the report that casulaties are still outstanding,

will know that as they have made no request to the Army, the casualty

does not concern them. It will be obvious that the reference could

only be to the next of kin who have actually made the request.