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New combat dress for "diggers"

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Directorate of Public Relations,

. Army Headquarters,


No. 6195


A new combat dress will soon be put on general issue to Australian

troops serving in South Vietnam.

Made from a different material and different in design from the present

"jungle greens", the new uniform is cooler, lighter, more comfortable, and

provides pockets' which give ready access to essential items. It also provides

adequate protection against insect bites and thorns.

The new dress comprises a coat shirt, which can be worn in or outside

the trousers, and long trousers made from a lightweight pre-shrunk cotton twill.

It is being placed on general issue after months of user trials in

Australia and in South Vietnam during which modifications to .the original

design have been incorporated. '

Prime consideration in designing a new combat dress is given to the

needs of the infantryman in action.

The main features of the new shirt, apart from its design and weight,

are slanted front pockets which give: easy access under the straps of webbing

equipment, and pockets on each sleeve.

On the' right hand sleeve the pocket, is designed to take a shell dressing -

the dressing first applied to a wound - and the left sleeve pocket is fitted

to take marking pencils and a torch.

The trousers weigh about one-third less than the current issue, and

no metal buckles are used.

Buttoned thigh pockets, provided for maps,· notes;· etc.,. are _specially'

located for ready access and comfort and the side swing pockets are made of

nylon, giving better wear, less bulk and quicker drying.

The waist adjustment tab is sited towards the front of the garment to

avoid the discomfort caused by those at the side; double thickness material is

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provided in the seat and at the knees and elasticised drawcords are fitted '

in the bottom of the trouser legs to provide a comfortable fit on the high

combat boots, and to keep insects out.

The . new dress * is. ..expected™· to·' :go. on general tissue. in South Vietnam next

July. ' ·

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• ■ Further information:

CANBERRA: Major E. Ross-Smith

. ‘ ' (65-4059) (86-1138)



Picture of new uniform available from Lt Col J. Bennett in Melbourne (Balnarring 95578) after 8pm tonight. If picture required Lt Col Bennett will request PMG to send "collect" to your paper.