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Exercise "fast ball" in Papua New-Guinea

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Directorate of Public Relations, Army Headquarters, CANBERRA. A.C.T. 2600.

No. 6122


A field -hygiene1 exercise under control of the Army's 1st

Field Hygiene Company is to be conducted in the Territory of Papua and

New Guinea 'f ϊ?<3ιη May 2 to June 21' this year;

Nick-naft|ed "Fast Ball" , the exercise will be centred at Wewak

in the East -Sepik district!

The aims of the exercise are to conduct training in environ­

mental hygiene, and military skills, and to support the public health

programme in Papua-New Guinea being carried out." by the Administration.

, Citizen Military.Forces soldiers from New South Wales,

Victoria and-Tasmania-will join with Regular soldiers from Australia

and indigenous soldiers from Papua-New Guinea in the-exercise, which

will provide further ^experience for skilled technical personnel- in

the continuing struggle against preventable disease.

Participating units.-will be 1st Field Hygiene ..Company

(Regular Army).; and 2ndLField Hygiene Company (CMF), both, from New.

South Wales,: 3rd Field Hygiene Company (CMF) from Victoria, a detach­

ment of 3rd ■ Field Hygiene Company ■ „ · from Tasmania, and a detachment of

the Papua-New .Guinea Hygiene Section.

ma sks :will include s . -

. . Malaria parasite surveys? .

. mosquito survey; of the·;town of .Wewak in

conjunction with the Department of Public Health;

, .r r-

2 *

. Assessment of the effectiveness of wet fogs and sprays in

the control of adult mosquitos out-doors;

. Controlled tests on the resistence of anopheline and

culicine mosquitos in the Wewak locality to DDT and other

insecticides? - .

. Control of DDT resistant bed bugs in the Nuago and Kainde

village complexes; ·. : . ·

. Bacteriological examinatioh of wells and other sources of

water supply. ......

Logistic support will be provided by Papua-New Guinea Command.

Movement to and from the exercise area of both troops and stores

will be by RAAF aircraft, as arranged by Eastern Command. .

List: A '· ■ - . - . .

r . ..V. . , · ,-ν-·Î½ V '-t- ·

Further information: . - . ·

CANBERRA: Major E. Ross Smith (65-4059) (86-1138)