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Lamb exports to the United Kingdom

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(Statement "by the Minister, for Primary Industry, Mr0 C.F. Adermann») .

The Minister for Primary Industry, Mrc C„ F. Adermann

anneunced today that he had approved proposals submitted to him

"by the Australian Meat Board for a guaranteed price scheme for

all lambs 36lhe and under shipped to the United Kingdom during

the main months of the 1963/64 lamb export season on the same

lines as the arrangements which operated last season»

The Minister said;

"The Australian Meat Board proposals as approved "by me

will again ensure exporters a guaranteed minimum price of

1 8d„ per l"b„, f , o»b„ on all lamhs 361b. and under shipped to

the United Kingdom during the three months period September

to November i 963 and 16-^d. per lb for the following three

months December 1963 to February ή 964= . .

While disputed by some exporters last year, these prices

should on the'best information available to the Meat Board

represent approximately ^L\. to 15d„ per lb. to producers during

the first period and 1 2 ^ to l3^d« during the second period,

depending on the particular costs of the export operator

concerned» Any commitments by the way of the guarantee will

be met by the Board out of deficiency payments receipts, ascrued

or anticipated from the United Kingdom on lamb under the

Fifteen Years Meat Agreement"»

M r „ Adermann said that the present scheme has been put

forward by the Meat Board in the ^.ight of its examination of

the results of the 1962/63 guaranteed price arrangements.

The Board’s examination had revealed that all the objectives

of the scheme had been met in that there had been a substantial

increase in the quantity of early light-weight lambs exported

to the United Kingdom last year which had been sold quickly

under the Board's lamb promotion campaign with good results.

At the same time local prices had been well maintained. The

Board, of acourse, appreciated that it was impossible to identify

the extent to which these results were induced by the guarant­

eed price arrangements and by the normal marketing factors.

Nevertheless■those were the results which the Board had hoped

would be achieved by the Scheme»

Mr* Adermann said that the higher guaranteed price fixed

for the period September to November 1963 was aimed at stim­

ulating early lamb shipments because normally the most

opportune time of selling Australian lamb on the United Kingdom

market was early-in our export season. The arrangements will

be complementary to the Board’s promotion plans for lamb in

the United Kingdom which will be conducted in conjunction with

the Commonwealth Government ’ s- Overseas Trade Publicity

Committee* The successful operation of the scheme will there­

fore depend onr-the joint appreciation by exporters and

producers of the need to market lambs early to coincide with

the Australian lamb promotion campaign with a view to max­

imizing market returns*

The administrative details covering the operation of the

scheme will be prepared by the Australian Meat Board and

circularized to meat producer and exporter organisations for

the information of lamb producers and exporters, the Minister

added. -


30th A p r i l y 1 963*