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Forestry scholarships awards

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Statement "by the Minister for the Interior, Mr, Freeth»

The Minister for the Interior, Mr, Freeth, announced

today that ten forestry scholarships had been awarded by the

Commonwealth to the following students s

New South Wales; L*R.· Richley, W 0D, Gardiner and R» Α» Rickard0

Queenslands J eL» Grimmett, P. S = Male and J »C 0 G„ Banks.

South Australia: B, Cumberland»

Westerh Australia; D=H, Scott and T ,B„ Butcher»

Australian Capital Territory; R CE„ Orriell,

Mr» Freeth said thqt the scholarships would take effect

from the beginning of the i963 academic y e a # 0 Nine of the selected

students would undertake courses at State universities followed by

a two year course at the Australian Forestry School, Canberra» The

remaining student, P 0S 0 Male, of Queensland, who had completed the

required two year university course, would begin studies this year

at the Australian Forestry School» ·

Studies under the scholarship scheme would lead to

the degree of Bachelor of Science in Forestry and the Commonwealth

Diploma of Forestry»

CANBERRA, April 1, 1963»