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Denial of report

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No 231β


Statement By The Minister for Defence<;Mr Athol Townley■

The Minister for Defence,Mr Athol Townley, said today that

there was no foundation whatever for the report that t.-n.

United States nuclear weapons will he introduced toto

Australia for the defence of the Naval Communications Station

to he established in North-West Australia,,

Mr Townley said that no decision had heen taken,nor was

any contemplated,for the introduction of United States weapons (nuclear or conventional) for the defence ■ of this

area* Mr Townley emphasised again that there was no question

of the Government ceding sovereignty of any Australian territory for this purpose nor of the United States

establishing a military base in the area„The only agreement that had been reached between the two Governments related to the

establishment of a station to provide improved communications

for allied surface ships and submarines in this area,as had

been announced by the Prime Minister and himself.

The Australian Government was responsible,and would remain responsible,for control of the measures considered

necessary from time to time for the defence of Australian



March 8, ^9δ3ο