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Official opening commercial television station TNQ7

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(SEQ. TV. 52/62) EiiBARGO s Do not publish or broadcast before 7 p.ra. l/il/62


Thursday, 1st November, 1962

Opening speech by the Postmaster-General (The Hon. C. W. Davidson, O.B.E., M.-P.)

Good evening, viewers. It was with genuine pleasure that I accepted

the kind invitation issued to me by the Management of Station TNQ, Channel 7,

to perform the official opening of this the first television station in North

Queensland, and the second country station in the State. The only other country '

station is operating at Toowoomba. .

Such is the miracle of television that, although my image and voice

are being reproduced as though I were in the studio tonight, the fact is that I

recorded this address on film some days ago in Brisbane. Having said that, let .

me apologise for not being present tonight personally. I would have liked very

much to be with you to share in the undoubted excitement that the opening of a

new television station always brings, but my Parliamentary commitments made this


From tonight onwards a new era in entertainment v/ill be opened to you..

You a m sharing from this moment in a medium that has excited the interest of

people throughout the world as no other medium ever has before. The news of the

world, movies, live artist programmes and other features - combing both sound and

picture - will be brought to you to enjoy in the confort of your own homes.

In due course too a National TV station v/ill be opened here. For a ·

variety of reasons, the National station will not begin operating until mid-1964

but you may be assured that this delay is quite unavoidable. .

Today in Australia, there are 16 television stations operating in capital

cities' and twelve, including TNQ7, in country areas. The country stations form part

of the current stage of TV development in which 13 National and 13 Commeroial .

stations are being established. The last commercial station in this stage will

be established at Rockhampton, while the first of the thirteen National stations

v/ill be opened in December at Canberra. It is because the Government- is committed

to providing 13 stations throughout Australia that it is not practicable to

bring them into operation as quickly as the individual commercial stations.

- But our plans have not stopped at this development stage. In progress

now is the next stage, in which 20 National and 17 Commercial stations v/ill be

provided in an additional twenty country areas and a third commercial station is .

to be established in each of the mainland capitals.


mm ■ W S BBBP Λ y

When all these plans are completed by 1967, Australia will be served

by 84 television stations, including probably 18 in Queensland - at Brisbane,

Townsville, Toowoomba, Rockhampton, Warwick, Wide Bay, Mackay and Cairns.

Television today is a £300million industry which employs directly and

indirectly many thousands of people. That this development has taken place

without any drastic impact on the economy of the country is a tribute to the

policy of gradual expansion which we have followed from the outset*

To the Station Management I offer my congratulations on tonight's

opening. I know that theirs has not been an easy task but now that the station

is on the air, the problems that the management have confronted and overcome

.are memories of the past, and I am sure that everyone concerned must feel a

sense of real achievement on the climax of their joint efforts.


I wish the station every success. I am sure it will play a vital role

the community life of the area it serves. .

It gives me great pleasure now to declare Station TFQ, Channel 7»

at Townsville, officially open.


' ■ Ψ :

Re corded BTQ7 ■> Brisbane, ,

4 p .m., Friday, 12th October, 1962.