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Rural expansion will speed up in 1964

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RURAL EXPANSION WILL SPEED UP IN iWl-Statement "by the Minister for Primary Industry, The Hon. C.F. Adermann

While 1963 has "been a highly satisfactory year for most

primary producers, I think that, "barring accidents, we can look ahead to yet greater momentum in rural expansion during '

the coming year®

This is partly "because of the plans for expansion which

are already under way, and partly "because of the commitments

which the Commonwealth Government has undertaken to assist

producers. ' .

The latter half of 1963 has seen remarkable progress in

our export situation. We have cleared stocks of wheat, butter

and cheese; the meat and wool markets are both very healthy

and the dried vine fruit market recovered. The sugar boom has

persisted through the year.

As a result, it is estimated that our income from primary

produce exports will be a record £912 m, for 1963—64, or £92 m, more than the previous year - a steep rise indeed.

Because costs have been stable, returns to farmers have

risen and the net farm income which jumped to £555 mo in 19β2-639 is expected to be better still in the present year.

Rural development is not only continuing, it is accelerating and the pace will increase as more schemes come

to fruition. ■

During 1964? country people will feel the full benefit of the 20% investment allowance, the fertiliser bounties, the new-

rural petrol price (not more than 4d. per gallon above capital

city prices), and the" new cotton bounty arrangements0 The wool and meat industries have still to decide important

matters of policy and the Government is ready to help them -

we have already offered woolgrowers a £ for £ contribution for further expenditure on promotion. Dried vine fruit and egg

producers have been offered stabilisation schemes* I hope that these matters will be satisfactorily settled

before 1964 is too far advanced. Certainly it is going to be a

busy time for all concerned.

I would like to wish everyone connected with the land a

happy Christmas· and a very prosper our New Year, and I look

forward to another twelve months of very real rural progress.

CANBERRA December 12, 1963 - P.M,