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Decimal Currency Board introducing "Dollar Bill"

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C U R R E N C Y B O A R D This news release is issued w ith th e a u th o rity of

th e Decim al C urrency Board and its p u b lic a tio n

in fu ll or in p a rt w ould be appreciated. Further

inq u irie s on th is release or any o th e r aspect o f

decim al currency w ill be welcom ed by th e Public

R elations O ffic e r, Decim al C urrency Board, 124

P h illip St., Sydney (telephone 28 2614).

D.C.B. 25/64 Decimal Currency Board,

Box 535o, G.P.O., ^ 7 / Sydney, N.S.v/.

Not for publication or broadcast

before 6 p.m. 7th December, 1964

The Decimal Currency Board has announced the creation of a cartoon character, Dollar Bill, to assist in its public education campaign.

Announcing this in Hobart today, the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Walter Scott, said that Dollar Bill had

been developed by an advisory panel of media experts in co-operation··.with the Board's public relations division.

"The panel considered many cartoon characters before deciding that Dollar Bill would be the man to join the team," Mr. Scott said.

The Board considered that an image-figure who could explain the changeover to decimal currency in simple

and attractive form would be of considerable value in public education.

It had asked the panel to look for a character who would carry the stamp of authority, have general appeal

to all sections of the community, and be able to appear in a wide variety of public education projects.

"Dollar Bill will appear as a cheerful little

personality, completely versed in the subject of decimal currency, with the ability to explain its many facets in the simplest of terms," Mr. Scott said.

. Lir. Scott said that the Board's public relations division was well advanced with plans for using Dollar Bill in these educational projects;-. In animated and semi-animated cartoon form

for brief film and television appearances.

. In comic strips that would explain decimal currency and factors involved in the two- currency period.

. in decimal currency crosswords and puzzles that would help the public in mental conversion of £ s.,d. amounts and other aspects of the changeover.

. In brochures and posters for use in the 1 school education programme and for general display use.

Months to C-Day (Changeover Day)

. In editorial columns directed at such

special sections of the community as retail

and other businesses, women, children, and country people. '

"The Board is now considering these pls/ns in

conjunction with the overall public education programme,"

Mr. Scott said.

"Further details will be announced as soon as the plans are confirmed."

Ivlr. Scott said that the use of Dollar Bill by

private enterprise in decimal currency promotions would be authorised provided the promotions met with the .

Board's accuracy requirements.

"The public relations division will be pleased

to give advice and co-operation in this respect," he said.

Copyright of the name and visual appearance of Dollar Bill is the property of the Decimal Currency Board.

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7th December, 1964·



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AUSTRALIA'S DECIMAL CURRENCY P L A N N E D TO BEGIN IN FEBRUARY 1966 /·â– - " , · ; / ■ ■ -. . ' -V- -m a j o r u n it ONE DOLLAR ($1) eq ual t o i o<

^ $ 1 = 1 0 '

'EVERY I I IS MADE UP OF 100 CENTS (1 0 0 c )


i 5c=6d

TO CHANGE £'s TO $ s - MULTIPLY BY TWO . · - · - - : ■■ m

D O L L A R S I Li­ ft




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