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New broadcast time signal service

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Statement by. the Postmaster-General (Hon, Alan S. Hulme, M.P.)

A new time signal service $ broadcast to all parts of Australia by ,

short-wave 5 has been introduced by the Post Office»

The Postmaster-General? Mr. Alan Hulme, said today that the

signals5 broadcast from Post Office transmitters at Lyndhurst in Victoria,

were sent, out each second, 24 hours a day, except for short breaks for

transmitter and frequency changes»

The signals were a series of pips sent out at one second intervals .

with the minutes marked by the elimination of the 59th pip of each minute*

A recorded voice identified the station* VNG, during the first minute of each


Mr. Hulme said that the signals were generated by special equipment

designed and produced by the Pest Office Research Laboratories ana were accurate

to better than one hundredth of a second» .

The equipment was housed at the Department’s speaking clock, installation

at the City West Telephone Exchange in Melbourne, and was connected to Lyndhurst '

by land line.

The Minister said that accurate time was essential to surveying .

activities to enable precise determinations of longitude to be made and to

organisations making seismic and other scientific measurements*

The new service would he a boon to the survey and exploration teams in

the outback, particularly those of the Department of National Development and

the mining and oil exploration companies.

It also provided a useful service to scientists in the Woomera

rocket range area, . . ·

The service is broadcast on frequencies of 5425 K/cs and 7515 K/cs

between 1 0 .1 5 p.m. and 8 a.m. and on 7515 K/cs and 12005 K/cs between 8 .1 5 a*m« .

and 10 p.m. This ensures a day and night coverage throughout practically all

areas of Australia. . — ·

CANBERRA & BRISBANE i 4.12,64 AM ■ .

Issued by J. W. Rawlinson with the compliments of · .

the Postmaster-General .

(Hon. Alan S. Hulme, Μ.Ρ») .