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Importance of optional service stressed

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Statement by the Minister for the Army, Dr. the Hon. A. J. Forbes.

The Minister for the Army said today he wished to emphasize

the importance the Government attached to its decision to allow

young men to join the C.M.F. for six years as an option to being

subject to the ballot for two years' full time service.

Specific provision had been made for young men. elibible

for the ballot and for whom there was a place in a C.M.F. unit

to exercise the option of being in the ballot or undertaking

C.M.F. service.

The Government believed young men who chose the alternative

course to the selective National Service ballot, and were accepted

would contribute substantially to the objective of increased defence


It had already been clearly stated that the role of the '

C.M.F. was of the greatest importance. It was this element of

the Army which would provide in war, or in a defence emergency,

the follow-up forces and the basis for expansion of our military

effort. . .

The position should be clearly understood that a soldier who

had served efficiently in the C.M.F. for one year before the

date he was liable for ballot would have his' call-up deferred if

he completed a total of five years satisfactory service in the

C.M.F. .

A soldier electing for C.M.F. service before a ballot,

providing he was accepted, would have his call-up deferred if he

completed a total of six years' efficient service.

These options were subject to the condition that failure

to complete the requisite efficient service in the first instance

rendered a man liable for ballot, and in the second, liable for

call-up without ballot.


12th November. 196U ·â–