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New army appointments announced

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FOR H E S S · No. . HI?.... .


' Statement by the Minister for the Army '

. ' Dr. the Hon. A.J. Forbes

Lieutenant-Colonel P.M. Shanahan, Deputy Chief of Staff,'Communications

Zone, (NSW), has been appointed Director of Personnel Administration,at ,

Army Headquarters, Canberra, the Minister for the Army, Dr. A.J. Forbes,

announced today. ; '

He would be promoted Colonel in this new appointment, relieving

Colonel N.A.M. Nicholls. . .

Another appointment to be filled at Army Headquarters was Director of

Equipment, which would be taken over by Colonel A.F. Swinbourne now Range

Commander, Maralinga Range Support Unit, in South Australia.

From Commander, Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps, 1st Division

Lieutenant-Colonel D.M. Skitt had been promoted Colonel in the appointment

of Commanding Officer and Chief Ordnance Officer, 1st Central Ordnance

Depot, Bandiana, Vic.

Colonel Skitt would also perform the duties of Commander, Headquarters

Albury Area. . ·


Colonel Shanahan, who has served manly with Infantry units, was

bcrn at Rathmines, Western Australia, and was commissioned in 1939. He served

with Infantry units during the war, and in 1945 was Brigade Major of 6th .

Infantry Brigade in New Britain. Since the war he has held a number of -

Staff appointments, including an appointment with British Commonwealth Sub­

Area, Tokyo, he has also served with 2nd Battalion, the Royal Australian ·

Regiment, in Malaya, In I960 Colonel Shanahan was appointed Assistant

Quarter-Master General-at Headquarters Eastern Command,. and. later became Dspuby

Chief of Staff, Headquarters Communications Zone, Eastern Command (NSW).

Colonel Swinbourne graduated from the Royal Military College, Duntroon,

in 193S, and served in Artillery units during the war until 1944? when he .

attended the United Kingdom Military College of Science. In 1947 he attended

the Australian Staff College, and then held technical appointments with the'

Army end with Supply Department until December, 1950? when he' was again ■

posted to England in an Ordnance appointment. After a secondment to the '

- 2 -

United Kingdom Ministry of Supply, Colonel Swinbourne returned to

Australia, and after a further appointment with Supply Department, became -

. Commanding Officer of-14th National Service Training Battalion. He later

served in Bangkok with the Defence Department, and after Staff appointments

at Army Headquarters, became Commander, Range Support Unit at Maralinga (SA),

in 1963. . .

Colonel Skrtt was commissioned in 1941? and during the war served mainly

in Ordnance appointments. After service in New Guinea, he became Deputy

Assistant Director of Ordnance Services and then served in the United

Kingdom as an Ordnance exchange officer 1947 to 1950. On his return to

Australia he became Chief Instructor at the Royal Australian Army Ordnance

Corps School, and in 1953 attended the Australian Staff College. In 1954 ·

he became a Staff Officer at Directorate of S+aff Duties, Army Headquarters,

and in 1958 was posted to 1st Central Ordnance Depot. In I960 he was

appointed to 1st Division, New South Wales.

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CANBERRA : Mai A.S.F. Hinds (M2212) after hours (46956)