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Farm Planning in 1961

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Statement "by the Minister for Primary Industry, the Hon. C. F. Adermann

In the months ahead I believe that those of us who are

concerned with primary industry will have to give increasing

thought to planning for the future.

This is "because, owing to the continued rapid expansion of

the Australian economy, there is need to ensure that rural

production is satisfactorily integrated in this growth.

Such a development is at least as important to the Australian

Commonwealth as a whole as it is to primary producers "because of

our dependence on their output for 80% of our export income.

In this regard, experience over recent years has shown that

we have little or no difficulty in producing all the farm goods

we require, either for home consumption or export, However,

to-day, during a period of rising costs our most serious problem

is to balance rural costs and prices for produce so as to

maintain the various branches of farming as payable propositions.

Fortunately in various parts of the Commonwealth many

sections of the industry hove done reasonably well during the

past year - notably the meat and wheat producers, tobacco

growers and dariymen, the latter having received a better return

than seemed likely earlier in the season. Wool has faced the

most difficult situation.

The Gcnmonwealth Government has agreed that there should be

an enquiry into wool marketing, and in recent weeks has also

appointed a Sugar Enquiry Committee which, in addition, will

investigate the manufactured fruit industry.

These developments, coming so close to the publication of

the Dairy Industry Enquiry Committee’s report, give point to

my remark that planning for the future is going to be the subject

of increasing attention.

I have no doubt that members of the wool, sugar and fruit

industries will co-operate with these forthcoming enquiries as

wholeheartedly as dairymen did with the Dairy Enquiry Committee.

Let us get at the facts so that we may plan the way ahead with


In sending primary producers my best wishes for Christmas

and the New Year, I assure them that I will continue to do

everything possible to promote their interests in keeping with

our great national future.


December 19, I960 - P.M.