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New Russian Satellite

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Statement "by the Minister for Supply, The Hon. Alan S. Hulme

Commenting upon reports to-day on the new Russian

satellite, the Minister for Supply, Mr. Alan S. Hulme, said that ■

Woomera had listened in to the satellite at various times from

midnight last night and again at 9 a.m. and 10.25 a.m. c.s.t.

this morning. The Woomera Station, however, suspected that this

morning’s signals were caused "by reflections from the ionosphere.

Mr. Hulme added that the inclination of the satellite’s orbit

to -the equator was 65 degrees. The signals were interrupted

continuous wave code with some audio modulation on the note.

The period of orbit was 88.6 minutes and the actual heights

above the earth varied between 112 and 157 miles.

The Woomera tracking station hoped to resume tracking again

this afternooh.

At present, it was not expected the satellite would be seen

in Australia as the periods overhead would be midday and

midnight and, in any case, the midnight passage was not high

enough above the earth to be illuminated by the sun.


December 2, i960 - P.M.