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United States aviation officials visit to Australia

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Statement by the Minister for Civil Aviation, Senator Shane Paltridge.

Three senior United States Aviation officials will arrive in Australia tomorrow on a four day visit for discussions with Australian Civil Aviation and airline officials.

All are senior members of the United States Federal Aviation Agency which is responsible for air operations and safety in the United States of America.

The officials are i -Mr. James T. Pyle, Deputy Administrator of tne F.A.A.

Mr. Joseph H. Tippets, who is Director of the F.A.A.1s Bureau of Facilities and Material, ana

Captain Donald E. Macintosh who is Deputy Chief, Office of International Co­ - ordination F.A.A.

While in Australia the Americans will have discussions with_the Minister of Civil Aviation, Senator Shane Paltridge, the Director-General of Civil Aviation, Mr, D.G. Anderson and senior representatives of airline companies.

Mr. Pyle was in charge of the United States Civil Aeronautics Administration until asked to join the F.A.A. set up by President Eisenhower in 1958. The F.A.A. has wide powers to control air safety in the United States of America, It sets

standards and rules for all civil air operations, co-ordinates civil and military air traffic control, is responsible for civil aircraft design requirements, flying and maintenance procedures air crew licensing and standards, and is at present establish­ ing through the United States one of the world's most advanced air traffic control systems.

Mr. Pyle is an active pilot who has a wide background of aviation experience.

Mr. Tippets is responsible for the section of the F.A.A. which instals and maintains the United States Air Navigation and Air Traffic Control systems, as well as control­ ling the Federal Aid to Airports Programme.

Through the International Civil Aviation organisation he has played a large part in extending air navigation facilit­ ies- on a world-wide basis.

Captain Macintosh had a wide background of naval aviation experience before joining the F.A.A. last year.

The party will ?„rrive in Sydney on Saturday, fly to Melbourne the same day, visit Canberra on Tuesday and return to Sydney and leave for New Zealand on Wednesday.

They are at ore sent visiting the Far East. Canberra, . ~

November 12th, 1960.