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' ·"Tile..Minister Γο γ Shipping & Traneport

MR. HUBERT OPPERMAN, announced today that a Meeting of the

Australian Motor Vehicle Standards Committee would he held

in Adelaide between October 23rd and 26th next.

' . The Committee will consider the question of!

improvements to existing standards for parking lights,

stop lamps and mudguards. Attention will also be given

to dangerous mascots and protrusions; automatic spring

. braking devices; standards for vehicle inspection; and .

bulk carriage of inflammable fluids,

Mr, Opperman said that the Committee

comprises representatives of Commonwealth and State

Departments concerned with road transport as well as

key men from all phases of non-Governmental transport

interests in the Commonwealth. An encouraging degree • · - · . . /Vv . ■

of unanimity has been reached in devising1 uniform national

standards for the construction, equipment, safety and

operation of road vehicles, and the Committee had a '

continuing responsibility to strive for greater standardisation

and to solve new problems as they arise.

Other items to be considered by the '

Committee were tinting of windscreens, regrooving of tyres,

and seat belts. The Minister added that a review of the

Committee’s book of draft regulations defining Vehicle

Construction, Equipment and Performance Standards would be

completed at the meeting, and, if subsequently endorsed by

the Australian Transport Advisory Council, would enable a .

reprint to be issued as a companion volume to the recently

approved National Road Traffic Code which, it is also hoped

to publish shortly.

Recommendations arising out of the Committee Meeting·1 would b° — *·< L~^ *·^ olxu meeting or Hbe Australicui Transport Advisory Council which comprises Commonwealth and State Ministers of Transport.

CANBERRA n ^ ^ ^ · . '

October 18. 1962 - P cMy