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Shipping control exercise begins

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Observers from six SEATO nations gathered in Canberra today

for the start of the naval control of shipping exercise, "Seascape".

The observers will watch the progress of "Seascape" from

the Australian national capital, where a joint Australian-United

, States staff, is co-ordinating the exercise. . ·

. shipping organisations of Manila Pact members, and is a part of---

(•'"‘ ■'EATO's long-term trairiing programme for collective defence against


France (Lieutenant'de Vaisseau Gravelin); Pakistan (Commander

S.A, Hussan), the Philippines (Commander C.G. Guerrero), Thailand

c a p t a i n T.W. Stocker) and United States (Commander Η. V. Weldon).

The SEATO Military Planning Office is represented by Commander

Tariq B. Rehman. = ■ .

The Deputy Director of the exercise, Rear' Admiral T.K. Morrison,

of Australia, tcOLda news conference today that efficient naval control

.of shipping was a basic essential in SEATO1s defensive concept. ·

Without proper control of shipping no nation could fulfil

logistic requirements to sustain operations against aggressive forces.

. Admiral Morrison said there was no substitute for sea

communicationsi The ships must got through with their essential cargoes

of supplies and men. ·‘ · '

II Seascape" is designed to evaluate the naval control of

During the two-week exercise, naval control of shipping

officers will direct' theoretically the movement of some 1,200

available and simulated ships to ensure their safe and timely friendly ports. ·

Observers watching the exercise from Canberra are;-

(Rear Admiral K. Satap and Captain T . Tawatchai), United .Kingdom

He said the great "bulk of the world's goods had to be moved

by sea. Australia alone depended on the sea for the transportation of

99 percent of all her imports and exports. ' ,

The Exercise Director of Seascape is'Vice Admiral J.S.

Thach, the Commander of the United States' Pacific Fleet

anti-submarine warfare force. ■ '


. Canberrac 15th October* 1962.