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Victorian naval appointment

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Navy Public Relations,

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Victoria will have a new Naval Officer-in-Charge this

week. ■

_ (

The Minister for the Navy, Senator Gorton, said today

that Commodore R, Rhoades, D.S.C., would carry out the duties of L Naval Officer-in-Charge, until March of next year.

Commodore Rhoades is the Commodore Superintendent of

Training at Flinders Naval Depot in Victoria, and will,assume ■ . ■ »

the Naval Officer-jm-Charge duties in addition to commanding the . · · ■/·

" training establishment.1 ·

Commodore Rhoades succeeds Captain R.S.S. Ingham, D.S.C.,

R.N., who has been serving as Naval Officer-in-Charge i-hvVictoria

while on exchange duty from the Admiralty.

A permanent appointment as Naval Officer-in-Charge in

,z' Victoria will be made next year. .

■ . Commodore Rhoades is a former Australian Defence

Representative in New Zealand. . He won the D.S.C. and was

Mentioned" in Despatches for his service in the Mediterranean in ■

the Second World War. He went to Flinders Naval Depot last

February after serving as Naval Officer-in-Charge in Western

Australia. · .

■ ' 1 ·Ï‡·***·**

Canberra. 4th October, 1962.