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Comments on Mr Kenny's outburst

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Statement ""by...fiio Mir.ister for Labour and National . Service, The Hon. William. McMahon

Commenting on Mr. K e n n y ’s outburst at yesterday’s

meeting of Union Shop Stewards in Sydney, the Minister for

Labour and National Service, Mr. McMahon, said today that

it carried all the overtones of irresponsible and ill.

informed demagogery. It has been repeatedly demonstrated

that Australians believe in Arbitration and in the -

integrity of the Commonwealth Conciliation and Arbitration

Commission, Obviously, Mr. Kenny was attempting to .

intimidate the Commission and to inoito' Unionists to

direct action. This outburst will undoubtedly give the

greatest satisfaction to the Communists who equally seek

to destroy our system of industrial arbitration, -Mr. K e n n y ’s remarks, said Mr. McMahon, are the more

irresponsible as he is the Senior Vice-President of the '

A.C.T.U, which has always supported the Arbitration system»

Mr. Kenny wants all the benefits of the system and to

resort to direct action when decisions are not to his ·

liking. He attacks the Commission, allegedly because it

does not have regard in his opinion to the interests of the

community. The opposite is the truth. Mr. Kenny really

attacks the Commission because it puts the interest of the

Community above the narrow, selfish, personal and sectional

interest that Mr. Kenny imagines he represents. ·

So far from the Commission usurping the power of

Parliament, the Commission is constituted by Act of the .

Commonwealth Parliament porsuant to the Constitution of

Australia, Doubtless, Mr. Kenny* s outburst is motivated'

by the fact that while he can steamroller the New South

Wales Government to introduce industrial legislation

regardless of its effects on the State and the burden of

costs it adds to the community, the Conciliation and

Arbitration Commission .makes its decisions only after the

most careful examination of all the facts and their • / . * '

' implications and the effects that any decision would have

on the future of cur country, .


September 28, 1962 - P.M .