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Citrus juice

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No. 1031



(Statement "by the Acting Minister for Trade, Senator Denham Henty)

. The Acting Minister for Trade, Senator Denham Henty, announced

today that he had received a report from a Special Advisory Authority,

Sir Frank Meere, C.B.E., who had conducted an inquiry into a request by

the Australian citrus juice industry for urgent temporary protection

against import competition. · . . . . .

After an examination of the situation the Special Advisory

Authority found that there was no necessity at this juncture for any

urgent action to protect the Australian industry. However he had

suggested that import levels should he watched over the next few months

and the matter referred again for inquiry if the position then disclosed

differed materially from that existing now.

' Senator Henty said that the Government had accepted this

finding and that the import position would he kept under review. He also

drew attention to the opinion expressed hy the Advisory Authority that

the question of the protection required hy the industry to ensure a

■..reasonable return to growers was one more appropriate to the normal Tariff

Board procedures. Senator Henty said that if the industry wished to pursue

this aspect, it would no doubt convey its views to the Government. '

' Copies of the Special Advisory Authority's report are available

from the Department of Trade, Canberra and from Collectors of Customs in

all. States. ' '

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26th September, 1962. 62t / i31