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Signature of war graves agreement with Indonesia

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D E P A R T M E N T O F E X T E R N A L A F F A I R S ,

C A N B E R R A .

- O R T H E P R E S S


12th September, 1962.


Statem ent by th e Acting M inister fo r E xternal A ffa irs .

The Acting M in ister fo r External. A ffa irs , Senator J.G . Gorton,

announced today th a t the A u stralian Ambassador to Indonesia, Mr. P a tric k Shaw,

lad signed a War Graves Agreement with the Government of Indonesia on 10th September.

R epresentatives in D jakarta of B rita in , Canada, New Zealand, In d ia and P akistan

also signed the Agreement on behalf of t h e i r resp ectiv e Governments. Under the

ilgreement, which i s sim ila r to agreements with other c o u n trie s , where Commonwealth

•/ar dead are b u ried , the Indonesian Government has undertaken to perm it the

Commonwealth War Graves Commission, actin g on behalf of the Governments concerned,

bo adm inister two war cem eteries, one a t Menteng Pulo near D jakarta and the oth er

a t.G alala on Ambon Isla n d and to tend the graves th e re .

Senator Gorton said th a t A u stra lia attached the g re a te s t importance

bo the proper upkeep of war cem eteries and the graves of A u stra lia n war dead;

bhere had been a h is to ry of close co-operation between Indonesian a u th o ritie s and

the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and he,was p a rtic u la r ly pleased th a t the

situ a tio n had been form alized by an agreement. . . .

Senator Gorton also said th a t he wished to pay a tr ib u te to the

splendid work of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in looking a f te r Commonwealth

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