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Italian trade mission to visit Australia

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(Statement by the Acting Minister for Trade, Senator Denham Henty.)

An Italian trade mission led by the Hon. B. Roman·, a

Member of the Italian Parliament, will arrive in Sydney tomorrow-

in connection with the staging of an Italian Exhibit at the Royal

Adelaide Exhibition to which Italy has been invited as the first

guest nation,the Acting Minister for Trade Senator Henty announced

today. .

This mission will include - senior Italian Government

officials and a group of sixteen businessmen representing manufacturers

of machinery, textiles, foodstuffs, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and

importers of timber, hides and skins.

In addition to attending the Adelaide Exhibition the

mission aims to carry out a market survey to foster further develop­

ment in trade between Italy and Australia. It will also aim to .

extend and improve the network of local agencies of Italian exporters

and importers. ·

The mission will be in Sydney from 7th to 10th September,

Adelaide on 11th and 12th, Melbourne from 13th to 16th and in

Canberra for two days prior to departure for Japan on 19th September.

As the mission will be interested in buying as well

as selling, Australian businessmen who have not already arranged to

meet the mission may do so through the Regional Director, Department

of Trade, in each of the cities to be visited.

Canbe rra

6th September, 1962.