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Trial for fifth giant marine engine

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Statement by the Minister for Supplyt Senator Denham Henty

The fifth 9*600-B.H.P. Sxilzer marine diesel engine to

be built at the Coremonvealth Government Engine Works at Port

Melbourne, is having its first "trial this week.

This will coincide with an 1 1 open night" at the Engine

Works on Wednesday, 7 December.

The six cylinder Sulzer engines are some of the largest

ever built in Australian They are about 39 feet high, 30 feet

long and 16 feet wide.

The Sulzer engine that has just been completed is the

second engine ordered by British Petroleum Co* of Australia Ltd.

This year is the silver anniversary of large marine engine;

production in Australia. .

In 1941 the Australian Government decided to create a

shipbuilding industry to assist in overcoming the serious loss

of vessels due to enemy action.

In the immediate postwar years production of steam engines

continued. In 1949 the Commonwealth Government Engine Works

started to manufacture Doxford opposed-piston marine oil engines

for installation in Australian coastal ships.

Production of Sulzer engines began in 1961.

Other activities of the Engine Works - a Department of

Supply establishment - include the overhaul and testing of the

high-speed Napier Deltic engines installed in the Bass Trader, and

of Gray marine diesel engines for the Navy.

An engine-repair and consultant service is available on

a 24-hour basis for any ship in Australasian waters.

All those interested in marine engines will be welcome

to visit the Engine Works from 6-9 p.m. on Wednesday night.


6 December 1966.