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Earth station to be established six miles north of Moree

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Statement by the Postmaster-General, The Hon. Alan Hulme

The Postmaster-General, Mr. Alan Hulme, announced today

that Australia’s second earth station to work with the

communications satellites would "be established six miles

north of Moree in New South Wales. :

The first earth station was established at Carnarvon in

Western Australia.

Mr; Hulme said today that he had given approval for the

Overseas Telecommunications Commission (Australia) to enter

into a contract with the Collins Radio Company (Australasia) Pty.

Ltd. to supply and install the station.

Approval to install the station followed the Goverhment's

decision in 1964 that Australia should develop satellite

communications capacity and become a part-owner and user of a

global satellite system.

Tenders had been received for equipment manufactured in

Britain, Canada, France, the United States of America and Japan.

The overall cost of the station including equipment, land and

staff housing would be about $4 million, almost half of which

would be spent in Australia.

The station would comprise a 90 foot parabolic antenna

surmounted on a 4-storey building housing associated equipment

together with separate buildings acc:ommodating other services*

The station would meet in full the requirements and standards

prescribed by the International Satellite Consortium and was

being installed to work with the global satellite system to be

launched in 1968 and was scheduled to be completed late in 1967.

Mr. Hulme said that the earth station would work in to the

Intelsat II satellite to be positioned above the equator north

of Fiji. When it was installed the earth station would provide

satellite communications across the Pacific to Hong Kong, Japan,

the Philippines and other countries of East Asia and to Oanadg

and the United States. It would supplement the £100 million

(sterling) broadband cable system which Australia and her

Commonwealth partners had constructed across the Pacifid and

Atlantic Oceans and the South China Sea.

Mr. Hulme added thgt the addition of satellite communications to

the existing heavily-loaded systems based upon cable and radio

would not only provide additional capacity for international

speech, telex, telegraph, television, phototelegrams, leased

circuits and data transfer but would add greatly to the strength

and flexibility of the overall system by providing a third


'■·. ψ

-JEuimie ..applications of satellite communications were

expected to include similar services to Africa, India, the

Middle East, Europe and Britain through the Indian Ocean

satellite of the 1968 global system.

Mr. Hulme said that a westward looking earth station would

he required for this in Australia with a performance similar

to the one now approved.

. At a later stage it was expected that domestic satellite

' communication services to he established in Australia would

rely in part upon earth stations constructed for international


Mr. Hulme said that the Moree site would comprise an area

of 257 acres. The O.T.C. had received the utmost co-operation

from the owners of the land. Negotiations for its purchase

were in progress,

(Photograph of model of station obtainable from Norman Smith,

'P.R.O., O.T.C., Sydney. Telephone : 20544 - Ext. 230)

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December 5. 1966 - P.M,