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Eldo S5 launching complete success

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Statement by the Minister for Supply, Senator Denham Henty

The ELDO S5 launching at Vioomera today (November 15)

has been a complete success.

The Minister for Supply (Senator Denham Henty) said

this in Launceston today.

At a Woomera press conference today the ELDO represen­

tative in Australia, Colonel J. Dutton, said the launching had

been a greater success than anyone with experience in this

game had reason to expect.

Colonel Dutton said all indications were that the

separation experiment (of the live first-stage from the non-

propulsive upper stages) had been carried out successfully.

With one minor exception all telemetry guidance and

safety systems had worked satisfactorily.

The ELDO rocket was launched at 6.38 a.m. E.S.T.

It reached a height of 393,600 feet and travelled 443 nautical

miles, landing in the Simpson Desert after 410 seconds.

. The live first-stage Blue Streak rocket burnt for

142.8 seconds.

The launching was attended by ELDO Deputy Technical

Director, General P. Girardin, diplomatic representative of

ELDO nations, and a large press party.

The next launching has been scheduled for June 1967

with a live French second stage.


November 15, 1966.