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CMF officer groups to visit Vietnam

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Statement by the Minister for the Army, the Hon. Malcolm Fraser, MP.

Citizen Military Forces officers will visit Vietnam in an

observer role for the first time next year.

Announcing this today, the Minister for the Army, Mr. Malcolm

Fraser,, said that small groups of officers would begin visits to

Vietnam in February, 1967> with regular subsequent visits. /

The officers would fly to Vietnam for attachment to an

Australian unit of their particular corps for visits of about two

weeks duration.

The aim of the visits was to give CMF officers first hand

knowledge of operational procedure in Vietnam and was similar to a

programme under which CMF officers made annual visits to Malaysia and

Singapore, and Papua-New Guinea.

Since World War II the number of CMF officers with operational

experience had been considerably reduced as members reached retirement


The effectiveness of the CMF depended not only on the quality of

its training, but on the availability of officers with operational

experience to lead. .

Since 1958, a total of 65 CMF officers had visited operation areas

in South-East Asia, but none had been to Vietnam.

The extension of the training and orientation visits to include

Vietnam would greatly enlarge the scope of the programme, particularly

with small groups visiting Vietnam regularly instead of annually, as

was the case for other visits in South-East Asia.

The lessons learned on the visits would be passed on to CMF

officers and non-commissioned officers of the units invloved.

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CANBERRA : Major Allan S. Hindi (65-4o 61 ) (4-9-6030)