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Native cocoa in Papua and New Guinea

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Statement by the Minister for Territories, the Hon, Paul j.---------- Ha. s luckĀ·

There has been a big increase in the production of cocoa

by the native peoples in Papua and New Guinea, the Minister for Territories, Mr. Paul Hasluck, saidi to-day.

In 1955 , the Government introduced an action plan for the development of the cocoa industry in the Territory, Mr. Hasluck said. Ah important aim of this plan, continued Mr. Hasluck, was to bring about an increase in production and improve the ;quality

of cocoa grown by the native peoples of the Territory,

In 1954/55 , Mr. Hasluck said, native cocoa production amounted to about 300 tons >nd in 1958/59 it had reached 1,150 tons. Most of this cocoa was grown in the Gazelle.Peninsula of New Britain. In this area, Mr. Hasluck added, the natives’ cocoa

is processed in 15 central cocoa fermentaries where supervision on quality is maintained. The output of these fermentaries

increased from 527 tons in 1957/58 to 800 tons in 1958/59.

Mr, Hasluck said that the native people in Papua and New Guinea now had enough cocoa planted to produce at maturity between

3,000 and 3>500 tons of cocoa.


December 27, 1959 - P.M.