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Christmas weather should be fine

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PRESS RELEASE (Morning Papers) 1QU1.


Statement on behalf of the Minister for the Interior, Mr. Freeth.

According to the weather reports from recent seasonal trends,

Christmas and Boxing Days are expected to be warm to hot in Australia's

Capital Cities.

Sydney is the only city in which there may be rain during this

period, and Adelaide should experience the coolest weather of all the cities.

These facts were released today by Mr. L.J. Dwyer, Director of

the Department of Interior's Bureau of Meteorology, situated in


Mr. Dwyer said that December 27 and 28 are expected to be cooler

in all cities, and apart from perhaps Perth, rain may be experienced in all cities on these two days.

Mr. Dwyer pointed out that in the present circumstances, there is no proven method by which precise forecasts can be prepared by any

meteorological service in the world for periods over three or four days.

CANBERRA. December 2 1 , 1 9 5 9