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R.A.N. ship to record signals from Soviet satellite

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Statement by the Minister for the Navy, Senator the Hon,J.G, --------- Gorton


The Royal Australian Navy Daring class destroyer VENDETTA

is being fitted with equipment that will enable it to=help in

recording signals from the Soviet satellite Sputnik III for the

Radio Research Board of the Commonwealth Scientific and \

Industrial Research Organisation,

.announcing this to-day the Minister for the Navy,

Senator the Hon, J.G, Gorton, said that the VENDETTA had been

selected for the task because she and the anti-submarine frigate

QUICKMATCH would leave Fremantle (W.A.) on November 26 on passage

northward to Singapore to join the British Commonwealth Strategic

Reserve, and the signals would be more easily recordable in

northern areas than elsewhere.

Signals received from the satellite would assist CSIRO

scientists in their studies of the ionosphere. They would be

recorded on tape at predicted times once a day, when possible,

and the,location and precise time of each signal would be loggedo

Senator Gorton added that the Department of the Navy and the

Royal Australian Navy were delighted to be able to co-operate

with the OrS»I«R>0. in i t s .important scientific work. The R.A.N» ii'l'cnces c a SCCYT.D and Dl-AANTA- a were a—renew nssnsrnng nr ο.»

embarking'some of its scientists and engaging in oceanographic

surveys in the Indian Ocean and other areas. The information

received as a result of this co-operation would be of the utmost • 1

value to both branches of science involved, ■ ■


November 25, 1959 - A,M,