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£112,000 for dairy research

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Expenditure of £112,000 on dairying research has been

approved, the Minister for Primary Industry, Mr. C.F. Adermann, said


Mr. Adermann said the money represented the first

allocations to research and would be spent mainly over the next seven

or eight months on projects recommended to him by the Australian

Dairy Produce Board after consideration of a report by the Dairy

Produce Research Committee. The money will come from the Dairy

Produce Research Trust Account to which the industry and the Common­

wealth Government jointly contribute on a £ for £ basis.

"The research projects cover a very wide field in manu­

facturing and on dairy farms," Mr. Adermann said.

On the manufacturing side the development of new forms

of food from milk and its products will be investigated, as will new

cheddar cheese varieties. Research workers will also undertake

studies of flavour in butter and cheese, new moulds for fancy cheeses

and the preparation of spreads from dairy products.

Mr. Adermann said many projects had been put forward for

dairy farm research and allocations had been made only where

information to hand was sufficient to justify projects which appeared

suitable for launching a programme with prospects of reasonably

quick implementation. It might well be that recommendations by the

Dairy Industry Committee of Enquiry would have a bearing on this

work in the future.

Farm projects approved include investigations on pastures,

cattle diseases such as tick fever, mastitis and bloat, control of

black beetle, farm management and animal husbandry.

Mr. Adermann said the work would be carried out by the Dairy Research Section of the C.S.I.R.O., the Departments of Agriculture in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, the Universities of Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland and Western Australia, the Butter Marketing Board, Brisbane, and the

Gatton Agricultural High School and College, Queensland.

CANBERRA. 17th November, 1959