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New appointments for two senior members of the Australian External Affairs Service

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9th November^...19s..?.....

The Acting Minister for External Affairs, Sir Garfield Berwick,

today announced new appointments for two senior members of the Australian

External Affairs service.

They were s-

Mr. Patrick Shaw, now Ambassador to Bonn, to be Ambassador to Indonesia^


Mr. L.R. McIntyre, O.B.E., now Ambassador in Djakarta, to be Ambassador

to Japan.

The two Ambassadors would return to Australia for leave and

consulation before taking up their new appointments early next year.

Mr. Shaw, a graduate of Melbourne University, had been with the

Department of External Affairs since 1939· He had been on Sir John Latham's staff

in Australia's first diplomatic mission in Tokyo in 194-1, and was interned there

for six months after the outbreak of the war. Mr. Shaw had served in China from

late 1945 to mid-1947· Since that time, his overseas appointments had included

serving as Head of the Australian Mission, Tokyo (1947 to 1949)9 and as Permanent

Delegate to the European Headquarters of the United Nations and Counsul-General in

Geneva (1951 to 1953). Mr, Shaw had also served from 1953 to 1956 as Assistant

Secretary in the Department in Canberra before taking up his appointment to Bonn

in June 1956.

Mr. McIntyre had joined the Department of External Affairs in 1940

after completing studies at Oxford University as a Tasmanian Rhodes Scholar.

Mr. McIntyre had occupied a number of senior positions in the Department of

External Affairs, including that of Assistant Secretary in 1951 and 1952. He had

served overseas in Washington from 1942 to 19475 in Singapore as Acting Commissioner

in 1950—57 ? and later as Commissioner from late 1952 to 1954· He had then served

as Senior External Affairs Representative in London until early 1957 when he had

taken up his appointment in Djakarta. In Tokyo, Mr. McIntyre would succeed Sir

Alan Watt, whose appointment as Australian Ambassador to the Federal Republic of

Germany had already beon announced,