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Bid for Japanese tourists

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Statement by the Minister in Charge of Tourist Activities


;ϊAustralia will establish a tourist promotion

office in Japan in the next few months", the Minister in

Charge of Tourist Activities, Mr. Chipp, announced today.

He said that the Australian Tourist Commission

had decided to spend $80,000 on a tour promotion campaign in

the Asian area during the current financial year, directed

primarily at attracting more Japanese tourists.

• The Commission, was at present calling for applications

for a Japanese-speaking Australian to manage the travel'

promotion office in Tokyo. It would be set up as part of an

Australian centre alongside the Trade Commission Office there,

and would have a small Japanese staff.

"With Japan’s increased prosperity, more liberal

currency allowance, and greater opportunities for leisure,

competition for the Japanese tourist is becoming quite keen"

said. Mr. Chipp. "Already 15 national tourist organisations

have representatives in Japan". ' .

"We see the market as one offering considerable '

potential for Australia, and we hope that with the new carrier

services being developed, and a vigorous marketing programme

there we will see 20,000 Japanese tourists a year coming here

by 1970*1

"The closer trade and other ties being developed 1

between Japan and Australia have resulted, in an upsurge of I

interest in Japan regarding Australia, our people and our


The promotional programme to be carried out from

the Australian Tourist Commission office in Tokyo will commence

in February, and will concentrate initially on seminars and

sales aids to inform Japanese travel agents and carrier

representatives about Australia's attractions, and on

providing Japanese language publications and films and

assistance to potential travellers.


Tuesday. November 21