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Spectacular Papua and New Guinea trade display for Sydney international trade fair

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(Statement by the Minister for Territories, the Hon. C. E. Barnes, M.P.)

The largest and most spectacular Papua and New Guinea Trade Exhibit ever staged in Australia would be a feature of the Sydney International Trade Fair.

Announcing this to-day, the Minister for Territories, the Hon. C. E. Barnes, M . P . , said that the display would illustrate the rapid expansion and divers­ ification of the Territory's economy and show some of the impressive results being achieved by New Guineans and Australians with the aid of the Australian taxpayer and private enterprise.

The entire mounting of the exhibit is being constructed of Territory timbers and plywood. It is quite topical as most of the striking photographic enlargements., in colour and black and white, on display were taken in the Territory less than two months ago.

Features of the timber and plywood section of the exhibit will include a huge calophyllum log from Cape Hoskins in New Britain, klinki plywood from Bulolo, "Woodweev" made in Sydney from New Guinea woods, and

quality furniture made from New Guinea cabinet timbers.

Samples of the Territory's main products - copra and other coconut products, coffee, cocoa and rubber - would be on display and the rapidly developing new tea and pyrethrum industries would be presented through photographs, models and samples, Mr. Barnes said.

Mr. Barnes said that the most heartening aspect of the exhibit is the enthusiastic co-operation and support being given by Australian firms with Territory interests, over 30 of whom are actively participating with the Department in the display.

Most of the firms displaying coffee, cocoa, timber and other products would also have representatives on the Territory exhibit and a New .Guinean, Able Seaman Francis would represent a prominent shipping line operating

to New Guinea.

Of the major users of New Guinea coffee participating in the exhibit, five would serve New Guinea coffee and coffee blends with a high content of Arabica beans from New Guinea continuously throughout the fair.

The exhibit would be staffed by Messrs Ή. V. Clarke and H. Hilyard of the Department of Territories' Information Section; Messrs A. Redwood and J. Angel from' the Departments of Trade and Industry and Agriculture, Stock and Fisheries in the Territory; and the New Guinean apprentice of the year, Mr. John Pokanau, an apprentice diesel mechanic with the Papua and New Guinea Electricity Commission.


First day visitors to the exhibit would include a party of eight members of the'Territory's House of Assembly, who would extend their current tour of Australia to vist . the International Trade Fair.

Mr. Barnes said that although the prime purposes of the exhibit were to promote trade, encourage investment . and the establishment of secondary industry in the Territory, the exhibit was being designed to focus 'attention on the

general, pattern of progress currently being shaped in the " Territory.

1 Features of more general interest in the

exhibit would include a display of Territory stamps featuring.birds of paradise, .and the playing of specially recorded bird-of-paradise calls. Coffee branches, cocoa pods and orchids would be' flown from the Territory at three-day intervals and a fascinating collection of New Guinea insects would be displayed, Mr. Barnes said.

A glossy, up-to-date, 40-page booklet on the economic development- of the Territory and specialised publications on cocoa, coffee·and timber would be available for distribution to people with trade and commercial



12th October, 1965.