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Commonwealth advanced education scholarships (South Australia)

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■ ' Comi'.ionv;ealt]i Advanced Education Scholarships . '

The Minister-in-Charge of Commonwealth. Activities in . '

Education and Research, Senator J. G. Gorton, today gave details

of the arrangements which’have "been made for the awarding in

•South Australia of the newly-introduced. Commonwealth Advanced

Education Scholarships tenable in tertiary institutions other

than universities. ,

The introduction of these scholarships was announced by the

Commonwealth Government earlier this year when stating the policy

it proposed to adopt in assisting the development of tertiary

education following the report of the Committee on the Future

of Tertiary Education chaired by Sir Leslie Martin. ·

Most of the scholarships offered will be awarded to

students about to commence an approved course, on results

obtained at matriculation-level examinations. A limited number

of the■scholarships will be available to students who are

already enrolled .in the courses covered by the scheme.

Scholarships may be applied to full-time and part-time courses.

" Commonwealth Advanced Education Scholarships are allocated

among the States in proportion to population and are awarded

on merit. In South Australia 95 scholarships will be available

in 1966 for approved courses^ which include the following ϊ

Associateship diploma courses and the Diploma, in Industrial

Chemistry course of the South Australian Institute of Technology;

and the Diploma in Oenology course of Roseworthy Agricultural

College, the diploma course of the hoard of Optical Registration,

and the diploma course of the Adelaide Kindergarten Training

College. For awards tenable in 1966 selection will be made on

results obtained at the Public Examination Board’s Leaving

Certificate Examination. Students who win scholarships will be

able to apply their awards to any'- approved course provided they

are qualified to enter it. ■

Senator Gorton went on to soy that courses in addition to

those which have already been approved will be considered for

approval if.they provide substantial training beyond matriculation

level.. . . . . . " - ■

Information booklets containing further details of the ■ ·

scholarships, and application forms have been distributed to

schools in South Australia. They can also be obtained from The

Scholarships Officer, Education Department, Box 40eC, G.P.0., '

Adelaide or the Officer-in-Charge, Branch Office,. Commonwealth

Office of Education, University Grounds, Adelaide, ·â– .··' :

Applications for scholarships for 1966 should be forwarded

to the Education Department before September 30, 1965." : ’ CANBERRA ‘ . . · · : . . .

September 19. 1965 - P.M. . .