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New device for disabled persons

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A prototype of an external powered artificial

arm was being tested by the Repatriation Department, the

Minister for Repatriation, Mr. R.W. Swartz said today in

the House of Representatives.

Mr. Swartz was replying to a question by Mr.

Leslie (Country Party, Western Australia).

Mr. Swartz said the prototype had been developed

in the United Kingdom and manufacture -had commenced in a

small way.

He said that Dr. Klein, of the Central Development

Unit of the Repatriation Artificial Limb and Appliance

Centres had recently been overseas and as a result of his

investigations had ordered a prototype of the artificial

arm to be sent to Australia.

. Mr. Swartz said similar types of external powered

artificial limbs were being developed in West Germany and

some other countries at present.

The Repatriation Department had placed orders for

prototypes of all of them.

As soon as they became available they would be

sent to Australia and the Department would have an

opportunity to evaluate their application to use in Australia

Mr. Swartz assured Mr. Leslie and the House that

the Repatriation Department's Artificial Limb and Appliance

Centres throughout Australia would do their best to keep

abreast of all these modern developments.

Canberra, October 29th.