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National broadcasting station for esperance, WA

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Statement by the Postmaste:>-General (Hon. C.W. Davidson, O.B.E., M.P)

The Postmaster-General, Mr. Davidson, announced today that a new

National broadcasting station would be established near Esperance in Western

Australia, using a power of 1 kilowatt. The station would serve not only the

town of Esperance but would give improved service over the rapidly developing

Esperance Shire.

Mr. Davidson said that it had been recognized for some time that

the broadcasting service in the Esperance area was not satisfactory. The

decision to authorise the establishment of the new station had followed a

careful technical survey of the area some time ago by the Australian Broadcasting

Control Board.

The precise site for the station has not yet been determined, nor

is it possible at this stage to say when the station will be in eperation.

The Minister said that there was already a substantial programme

of developmental work to be implemented and the expenditure involved in the

Esperance project would have to be co-ordinated with other expenditure in the

yearly appropriations for the development of the National Broadcasting Service.

The establishment of a new station at Esperance marked a further

stage in the plans for the development and improvement of the national broadcasting

service in country areas of Australia, Mr. Davidson said.'

As far as Western Australia was concerned, these plans had

included increases in the operating power of 6WA, Wagin, and of 6WF, Perth,

to 5 0 ?000 watts. These increases had resulted in greatly improved reception

over wide areas of Vie stern Australia. -

The Minister added that the broadcasting services in country

areas of Western Australia would be further improved when two new stations,

6CA Carnarvon and 6DL Dalwallinu, commenced service shortly.

CANBERRA 8 24.10.63 AM

Issued by J. W. Rawlinson with the compliments of the Postmaster-General (Hon. C.W.Davidson, O.B.E., M.P)