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Supply minister Fairhall in discussions with ELDO chiefs

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Statement "by the Minister for Supply, The Hon. Allen Fairhall

The Minister for Supply, Mr. Allen Fairhall, and the three senior leaders of the European Launcher Development

Organisation today discussed future plans for ELDO in


The three are the Secretary-General of ELDO,

(His Excellency Count Renzo Carrobio di Carrobio), the

Technical Director (Mr. W.H. Stephens) and.the Administrative

Director (Mr. H.L. Costa).

They were accompanied in the visit to Mr. Fairhall’s

office by three Department of Supply officers, one of whom

is Mr. C.F. Owen, Counsellor (Technical) with ELDO Headquarters

in Paris.

Mr. Fairhall said that after he had welcomed them to

Australia, they told him that they were very pleased with progress in the first five-year plan for ELDO. .

"We then discussed proposals for the more advanced

stages to be undertaken after completion of the first five-

year plan," he said.

"Count di Carrobio and the other members of the party

will fly to Adelaide tonight.

"In South Australia, they will hove discussions with

Australian scientists at the Weapons.Research Establishment in Salisbury and at Woomero.

"They will inspect the launcher at Lake Hart, Woomera,

and watch Australian personnel being trained in handling and

fuelling the British rocket, Blue Streak, which will be the

first stage of the three-stage vehicle to put the ELDO

satellite into orbit." Mr. Fairhall said that, while in Australia, the group

would Interview a number of Australian applicants for

appointment to ELDO Headquarters staff in Paris.


October 8. 1963 - A.M,