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Contract for RAN submarines

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Navy Public Relations.



. The Minister for the Navy, Senator Gorton, today

announced the acceptance of a tender for the building of the

first two boats of the Royal Australian Navy's new submarine

squadron. '

Senator Gorton said the Scottish shipbuilding company,

Scotts of Greenock, were being given a contract for the first

two OBERON Class submarines„

The total cost of these submarines, including fittings,

equipment and weapons obtained through the Admiralty, would be

about £6,500,000 (sterling). This was some £8,200,000

(Australian), making the cost of each submarine about £A4,100,00.

Work would begin almost immediately, and the first

Australian OBERON was due to be ready in December 1966. The

completion date for the second boat was October 1967·

Scotts have been a major builder of submarines for

the Admiralty, and have constructed a number of OBERON Class

boats for the Royal Navy. ·

■ The decision to establish an Australian submarine

squadron was announced earlier this year. The initial total

strength of the squadron will be four boats, the second two

submarines being required for delivery in 1968 and 1969-The modern OBERONS will take over from -the older-type

submarines at present operated in Australia by the Royal Navy.

The OBERON ranks among the most advanced conventional

submarines in the world, combining high speed with great

underwater endurance. The OBERON can maintain continuous

submerged speeds in any part of the world, and is equipped to

fire homing torpedoes. .

In the R.A.N. the OBERONS will have an offensive,

defensive and training role. Canberra. Sunday 22 Sep. 1963