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Prawn exports jump: Europe buys our crayfish

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Statement "by the Minister for Primary Industry, The Hon. C.F. Adermann

A remarkable increase in exports of prawns from Australia

and a change in the export pattern of crayfish and crayfish

tails have "been revealed in preliminary figures just released

by the Commonwealth Statistician, the Minister for Primary

Industry, Mr. C.F. Adermann, said today.

Mr0 Adermann said exports of cooked prawns rose from

71,000 lb. in 1961-62 to over 247,000 lb. in 1962-63. The

rise in uncooked prawn exports was even more spectacular -

from 60,000 lb. in 1961-62 to 977,000 lb. in the year recently

closed. ■

Total value of prawn exports was £469,000 in 1962-63,

compared with £40,000 the previous year.

France was Australia’s best customer for cooked prawns

and Japan and the U.S.A. for uncooked prawns,

Mr, Adermann said the value of crayfish and cray tail

exports was £5.6 m. in 1962-63, or about £550,000 less than

in the previous year. The total quantity shipped, at 10,3,

was approximately the same in 1961-62.

The fall in value was due to a reduction in the price of

craytails in the U.S.A. which is by far Australia’s biggest Cray

market. As a result, dollar earnings from, crayfish and cray

tails were estimated at 11.6 m. dollars, compared with the

1961-62 record of 13·3m. dollars.

Mr. Adermann said that after nearly 10 years of rising

prices, the selling price of craytails in the U.S.A. turned

downward from an average price of 12/2d. per lb. in 1961-62

to an estimated average of ll/4d per lb. in 1962-63·

"The American market, because of its very size, is the key

to crayfish prices. However, significant increases in crayfish

exports to Europe are helping to stabilise the market. '

"Before 1958-59, exports to Europe were negligible, but

since then they have grown to nearly lm. lb. , worth about


"Out main European buyer is France, but in 1962-63 our

Continental market expanded to Greece, Belgium-Luxembourg,

Italy and the Netherlands, with smaller quantities going to

Norway, Sweden, Spain and Malta.

"This expansion of our outlets for crayfish is very

gratifying at a time when Australian production is still

increasing. It was 30.4 m. lb. liveweight in 1962-63, or

nearly 6% more than in the previous year," Mr. Adermann said.

CANBERRA. September 12» 1963