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1961 charting programme announced at survey conference`

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No. 953.


Navy Public Relations,



A conference called by the Department of the Navy in

! Canberra today discussed details of the\Australian survey . . ν' . .

·- f %

programme for 1961. · ~

The meeting, representatives of federal

and state governments and shipping interests, considered

priorities for future charting of the Australian coastline.

The programme for next year marks the end of the .

Royal Australian Navy's, first five-year charting programme and

today's conference also discussed a new five-year programme to

begin in 1962. Delegates expressed their views on the urgency

of particular survey tasks, and the Navy will now prepare a ■

national priority schedule taking into account the recommendations

by the conference, , . : . . . ,

The Minister for the Navy, Senator Gorton, released the

details of the 1961 survey programme as outlined'at today's

meeting. .; · · . ■ ' ' .

’ He said four ships would undertake survey work around

the coastline of four states and in New Guinea waters. The two

oceanographic research frigates would continue scientific . ·

investigations off the north,. west and east coasts of Australia,

Senator Gorton said that surveys off Queensland, New \ '

South Wales, Victoria and South Australia would be carried out

by H.M.A.S, WARREGO, H.M.A.S. BARCOO and H.M.A.S. BASS. Urgent

surveys, in New Guinea would be the responsibility of H.M.A.S. ·

PALUMA. ■ · . . .

The oceanographic research frigates, DIAMANTINA and .

GASCOYNE., in addition to reconnaissance work off the north and

west coasts, would undertake oceanographic surveys in the Pacific

and Indian Oceans and Coral and Timor Seas, .

\ . ; '

· ,../2

* Senator Gorton listed the following detailed programme

for next year;-


•, H.M.A.S. WARREGO to continue modern surveys of the" Great „ t '

Barrier Reef, and complete the survey from Danger Point "

to Cape Moreton; -

. H.M.A.S. BASS to work in the Barrier Reef area, Keppel

Bay and the approaches to Port Alma.

New South Wales: t .

. H.M.A.S. BARCOO to carry out coastal surveys during January

and February. . ‘

; ■ .

- < ■ I ■ ' ■


. H.M.A.S. BASS and H.MiA.S. BARCOO to undertake surveys at

the approaches to the new Portland harbour.

South Australia:

. H.M.A.S. WARREGO to carry out surveys across the entrance to

Spencer Gulf, between Cape Spencer and Gambier Island and

between South Neptune Island and Thistle Island;

. H.M.A.S. BASS to survey between Port Lincoln and the Sir

- Joseph Banks group in Spencer Gulf;

. H.M.A.S. BARCOO ,to undertake surveys in the Investigator

Strait and Spencer Gulf areas. ■ v

New Guinea: ~

.. H.M.A.S, PALUMA to the area throughout the year.

Canberra,· 26th October, I960.