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R.A.N. destroyer becomes flag ship today

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No. 909.

, 83/ 60.

\ν· ' Navy Public Relations.

. · · ' ' * * IMMEDIATE RELEASE.


ί ■■ ,

A Royal Australian Navy warship today becomes flagship for.:!

naval forces serving with the South East Asian Strategic Reserve.

■ The flag of the Flag Officer Second-in-Command, Far East

Station, Rear Admiral M. Le Fanu, is flying this morning on the

Australian Daring Class destroyer, H.M.A.S. VAMPIRE.

In company with VAMPIRE is the fast anti-submarine frigate,

H.M.A.S. QUIBERON, which is also carrying some! members · of the

Admiral's staff. While the Admiral is aboard H.M.A.S. VAMPIRE,

she will -be the focal point for all fleet operations.

The Minister for the Navy, Senator Gorton, says that the

Australian destroyer will act as flagship until the middle of next

week, which is the longest period an Australian ship has had this

honour while serving with,the Strategic Reserve.

The two Australian ships have just completed an operational

visit to Colombo. Off the coast of Ceylon yesterday they held a

memorial service at the spot where the wartime Australian destroyer

VAMPIRE was sunk by Japanese dive-bombers.

Canberra. 14th October, I960,