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Improvements in aids to navigation along coastal shipping trails in the Papua/New Guinea area

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Statement by the Minister for Snipping and Transport, The Hon, Hubert Opperraan, Ο.Î’,Ε., Μ.P.

The Minister for Shipping and Transport, Mr, Hubert

Opperman , Ο,Î’,Ε,, has released details of new lighthouses to be

established and improvements to be made in certain existing

lighthouses and other aids to navigation on shipping tracks in

the Papua/New Guinea area, Mr, Opperrnan said he had approved

the changes following recommendations made to him by the

Lighthouse Advisory Committee,

Briefly, the approved programme provides for the

establishment of eleven new unattended lighthouses, the

replacement on a permanent basis of three temporary lights '

which were established during World War II and improvements in

the range and character of two existing lights,

Tv/o temporary lights on Sariba Island in the China Strait and

at Cape Gazelle, near Rabaul, will be discontinued when

proposed new lights in those localities have been established.

One of the new lights will be erected on Yule Island which

is situated near Kairuku, approximately 60 miles north-west of

Port Moresby, and another on Madehas■Island which is situated

near the 'western entrance of Buka Passage, Bougainville Island,

h. light on Yule Island woulc have a utility as a coastal

light for vessels running to the west coast generally and would

serve as a land fall or approach light for vessels making Yule

Harbour, In addition to the main light, it is proposed .to

provide a beacon light because muddy waters in the vicinity of

Yule Island make it very difficult, if not impossible, to detect

the limits of the outlying reef,

A light on Madehas Island will provide a valuable guide

at night to the many small vessels entering Buka Passage from the

eastward. Because of the extensive outlying reefs, ships are

not at present prepared to negotiate the Passage by night, '

At the request of shipmasters, new lights will be provided

to assist ships passing through the Vitiaz Strait between the

Huon Peninsula and Hew Britain, One such light will be

established at Fortification Point and another on a site to be

determined, ;

The additions and improvements approved will involve an

expenditure exceeding £60,000 and completion of the projects

will be spread over a period of at least three years. It is

expected that work on the first of these projects will be

commenced during the financial year 1961/62,


October_.6_,_I960 - P.M,