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Navy in shore support exercises

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. ■ 53/60.

‘ ' Navy Public Relations.



' Australian wa,rships are working in close co-operation

with the Army this week in a new stage .of the fleet exercises o f f '

the East Australian Coast.

The Minister for the Navy, Senator Gorton, said today

that the current phase of the exercises was concentrating on the

Royal Australian Navy's offensive role in support of ground forces.

Destroyers were simulating attacks on shore targets,

and actual bombardments were taking place at the Beecroft Head

Range, south of Sydney. Venom jet fighters of the Fleet Air Arm,

operating from H.M.A.S. MELBOURNE, were providing shore support for


Senator Gorton said, that at the end of this week, the

fast anti-submarine frigate, H.M.A.S. QUICKMATCH, which had been

undergoing a refit at Williamstown Naval Dockyard in Melbourne would

join the exercises. ·

Three'destroyers and a submarine, under the flagship,

H.M.A.S. MELBOURNE, have been exercising off the east Australian

coast since early last month.

Senator Gorton said it was the most concentrated home-

water exercise's for many years, designed to bring men and ships to

peak efficiency in their offensive and defensive roles.

■Canberra 15th September, 1960.