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A change-over to the apha-numero series number plates

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A change-over to the apha-numero series number plates in reflectorised material would begin in the A.G. T. next year^ the Minister for the Interior, Mr. Anthony, said today. ;

Issue of the new plates, in the "YAA" series, would begin in April or May.

A new plate would be issued to each vehicle as it came up for renev/al of registration and to all new registrations*

Mr. Anthony said the introduction of reflectorised number plates in the A.C.T. was a pilot study for the rest of Australia.

The study was designed to show the effectiveness of the reflectorised plates under operating conditions and compare the accident rate following the introduction of the new plates v/ith data collected prior to the change.

It was estimated that about 48,000 reflectorised plates would be in use in the A.C.T. after 12 months.

Apart from the safety factor provided by the re­ flectorised plate their introduction would also be of assist­ ance to police.

The new plates would have blue figures on a silver- white background. The change from the former pattern of white on blue would increase the plates reflective qualities.

Mr. Anthony said that with the introduction of the new plates some changes would be made in the Department of the Interior's policy on registration.

From the date of the introduction of the alpha-numero series the plates would remain with the vehicle, irrespective of changes of ownership.

He said the only real purpose of any registration number was in the identification of the vehicle.

Mr. Anthony said that in future, requests for special numbers out of sequence would be refused.

The only exception would be during the initial issue in which owners of A.C.T. plates 1 to 999 inclusive would be given the opportunity of obtaining the number in the ’Ύ" series YAA-001 to YAA-999? if they wished.

Some of these numbers had been in the same family for 30 years and had sentimental value.