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Successful conclusion of new arrangements for Netherlands/Australia Immigration agreement

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Not for release before 6 p.m. Sunday 1 October 1967



The Minister for Immigration, Mr. B.M. Snedden, today

announced the successful conclusion of new arrangements which it

was hoped would increase the flow of Dutch migrants to Australia.

They would operate from today (Sunday, October 1).

Mr, Snedden said the new arrangements were to be incorporated

in a revised Netherlands/Australia Migration Agreement and follow

discussions he had in The Hague with Dutch Ministers, especially the

Minister of Social Affairs, Mr. B, Roolvink, during his recent

mission overseas,

"In future Dutch assisted migrants from the Netherlands

who' are *V9 years of age and over will contribute $25' each towards

the cost of their transport to Australia", Mr, Snedden said.

"Persons under 1 9 years will be carried free of charge.

"Previously it was the practice in the Netherlands for a

migrant to make a personal contribution towards emigration costs

which was directly related to his earning capacity. This meant that

some well-qualified migrants had to make a significantly higher

contribution than will now be the case,

"The $25 contribution for adults and free passages for

children will now apply to all eligible applicants.

"The new financial arrangements also mean that Dutch

migrants will now contribute the same amount towards their passage

costs to Australia as assisted migrants from Britain and Italy

and those people who migrate under the Special Passage Assistance

Programme inaugurated in 1966",

Mr, Snedden said that consistent with Netherlands

Government policy Australia would now be able to undertake more

publicity and provide more information services so as to make known

to potential migrants the opportunities Australia was able to offer.

"In my judgment these changes in the financing of Dutch '

migration and revised procedures will stimulate the flow of valued

settlers from one of our most important sources", Mr. Snedden said.

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"A set contribution of $25.for each person 19 and over is

expected to attract more of the kind of workers we need, and their

families. - · .

""Wider opportunities to advise persons about migration

to Australia also should have their effect.

"Since October, 1945, Australia has welcomed more than

144,000 Dutch people. At the highest point of post-war migration -

from Holland in 1955-56 over 11,000 assisted migrants came to

Australia. In recent years the number has averaged 1,500.

''As a result of the new agreement it is hoped the flow of

these excellent people will be constantly increased towards former

levels," Mr. Snedden said. . , -

Department of Immigration,


Sunday 1 October 1967